January 25th 2019 I participated in a global wide game jam with other students from my college, Columbus College of Art and Design. The theme was "What Home Means To You". My group decided that there isn't anything that feels more like home than being naked, and eating good snacks. I helped model our main character and parents that you need to avoid in the game. I also did majority of the coding for the game as well. 
 Naked Snack Find Weekend was created in 48 hours in a group of six people and a playable version can be found here:
Helene Barrera- UI Design, Concept Art, Title Screens
Tori Baum- 3D Character Modeling, 3D Environment Modeling, Asset/Character Texturing
Connor Beebout- Animator, Game Design
Aspyn Chisesi- Programming, 3D Character Modeling
Graham Squire- Music, SFX, HUD
Danielle Tucker- 3D Environment Modeler, Secondary Characters/ Textures, Collectible Assets/ Textures, Development

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